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Dave- with half the season left and the team playing the

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half the season left and the team is playing the worst I have seen since Rhodes's last year, why not just let Andy Reid go now?

You cant fall off the floor and maybe an interim coach will send a message to the players that they are playing for thier life next year.

I really want to know why we kept this team together after LAST YEAR... but... oh well, I'll probably DIE before we ever win a SB

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I really want to know why we kept this team together after LAST YEAR...

Because the owner of this team bought into the same stupid line of crap a bunch of true believers on here have been spouting for years- that there was no one in the world who was a better option to coach this team than Andy Reid.


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BTW... I am not nearly as mad as usual.. Because I expected this game, this season. Especially after last year. Which means apathy is setting in. EXAMPLE.. I have been offered tickets for three games Dallas, Panthers and Bengals. At half price... and I am not going to even think about it.

I cant say I am interested in actually watching any more of this UNLESS the team gives me a reason too.. Like new players playing, new coaches coaching...

That I will watch to see what we can build on. This team we got now? nah not interested in watching this ship sink.

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R Franks says

"I was there for the 1987 Eagles, who managed the franchise’s sixth consecutive losing season, including three ridiculous losses played by replacement players, losses by a combined 94-35. That nightmarish stretch prompted coach Buddy Ryan to snidely present a “scab ring” to personnel guy George Azar, a move that nearly got Ryan fired 2½ years before he actually did.

I was there for the 1994 Eagles, who got off to a 7-2 start before Rich Kotite, coaching without a contract for the next year, famously announced that he wanted “to be judged by my record.” The Eagles proceeded to lose their last seven games, Kotite got fired and went 4-28 in two years with the Jets, making him 4-35 in his last 2½ years as an NFL head coach.

I was there for the 1998 Eagles, who scored 10 or fewer points eight times, got shut out three times and won just three games -- each one with a different quarterback.

I was there for the 2005 Eagles, who like this team got off to a 3-1 start before Terrell Owens unleashed his unique ability to tear apart a locker room through the sheer force of his will. That team went 3-9 the last 12 weeks, with Owens banished, Donovan McNabb hurt and Mike McMahon setting the quarterback position back 50 years.

I’ve seen all of it for the last quarter-century. And I’ve never seen an Eagles team like this.

Bad teams? Yes. Awful teams? Yes.

But never a team with so much talent, so much potential, so many accomplished players with gaudy resumes -- Pro Bowlers, high draft picks, consistent multi-year starters -- that just goes out there week after week and plays with no pride, no heart, no character.

Remember, this was a team picked by many experts to win 10 or 11 games, to make a deep playoff run, even to reach the Super Bowl by a handful of people.

And this? This is what we get? Seriously?

We’ve seen bad Eagles teams. Teams with terrible players, inept coaches, awful quarterbacks. Teams with zero chance.

This is worse. This is a team with huge expectations, a team that on paper should be very good, with a roster stocked with Pro Bowl players, that either doesn’t know how to win or just doesn’t care about winning.

Is it the coach? Is it the players? Is it the offense? Is it the defense? Is it special teams? Is it leadership? Is it intangibles? Is it heart? Is it guts? Is it character? Is it toughness? Is it talent? Is it the O-line? Is it the D-line? Is it the assistant coaches? Is it the game plan? Is it the play calling?


It’s all of that. It’s everything.

The Eagles have become the laughing stock of the NFL. They’re not just losing, they’re humiliating themselves. And they’re now doing it on a weekly basis.

They didn’t just lose 28-13 to the Saints on Monday night at the Superdome (see Instant Replay), they showed the entire country what we’ve been seeing for a while.

A team that just has no fight. None.

Halftime last week at the Linc vs. the Falcons? Down 24-7.

Halftime Monday night at the Superdome? Down 21-3.

Teams are jumping on them, and they’re not even fighting back.

The last time the Eagles trailed by 17 points at halftime of consecutive games?

You have to go back 41 years. On Sept. 26, 1971, they lost 42-7 to the Cowboys after trailing 21-0 at halftime, and a week later they trailed the 49ers 17-0 on the way to a 31-3 loss. Those happened to be the first two games ever at the Vet.

A 3-1 record has morphed into a 3-5 mark at the halfway point, and the last three of their four straight losses have been complete meltdowns.

Since taking a 23-13 lead over the Lions, the Eagles have been outscored 71-30.

Against the NFL’s worst defense -- the Saints came in allowing 31 points per game -- they managed 13, thanks mainly to some horrifying red-zone play-calling and worse execution.

Missed tackles have become an epidemic. Stupid penalties are commonplace. Blown assignments, dropped passes, turnovers … you name it.

There are a few guys who can hold their heads up. A few guys who are going out there in the face of disaster and giving everything they have.

Michael Vick. LeSean McCoy. DeMeco Ryans. Jason Avant. I’d put DeSean Jackson in that category. Tough cat. Probably a few others."

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Pull the plug... it matters not who is the interim coach.... really doesn't. Just pull the plug, give us fans something to look forward to THIS year... we can start the rebuilding process by pulling the plug, hand the reins to Todd Bowles or Bobby April...

Let him start young players with heart. Lets see who wants to be here next year. Why wait one more week?

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