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a "Twilight Zone" thread - just for fun

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like the rest of you I too am angry, disgusted, depressed, over the state of our team, so I thought I'd start a thread just for fun, maybe to get our minds off the MOnday night here it is....

imagine all these guys are available to draft, and given we know the players they are NOW, which guy do you can only pick ONE..remember in this alternate reality thread, they are all the same age, and have no injury history...(yet?)

Larry Fitzgerald WR

Ray Lewis LB

Jason Peters LT

Brian Urlacher LB

Lesean McCoy RB

Calvin Johnson WR

Darell Revis CB

Brian Dawkins FS

Tony Gonzales TE

Julius Peppers DE

Ndamukong Suh DT

what is you rationale for your pick, I'm just curious which player you guys would pick to build your team around, so to speak....I deliberately left out QB..because it's often the 'easy' pick, so to speak...if Tom Brady was on the list , I suspect he'd get most of the attention....enjoy if you like!!

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