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[Spadaro] Eagles Search For Needed Victory

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PART 1- Let me first state that at mini camps and even through preseason we have gotten an earfull about how "good" this team is. The offense with Vick in the preseason was dismal, all 12 plays. Foles came in after Kafka was hurt. And with the playbook Foles ran, with the oppositions 2nd or 3rd string really payed off. It was a nice west coast offensive playbook and gave opportuities for backups and late draft picks to shine, and they did. I refuse to let the media tell me Foles is the Answer, especially after they told me all the other preseason hype. I like Foles though and hope he can get us winning again, especially since we may not see Vick back for weeks or ever perhaps. Regular season starts and we squeek 2 wins out by a point. We bounced back from a loss to the very quiet Cardinal team by beating the Giants. Well, we beat them by making them miss a last second feild goal, twice. Then we began the spiraling downward fall we are in. What have we done to cure it? Well, after week 4 with an offense producing 17 points a game, 31st in the league in redzone offense and turnovers? We fire Juan Catillo, our defensive cordinator. We then promote Bowles as our new D Cordinator. We have shuffled our Oline every which way possible. We have replaced a number of O Linemen with signings. We have accelorated the learning process for rookies or 2nd year OLinemen by plugging them in as starters. 1)Why is it so difficult to get the O line to preform? 2)Why can't or couldn't they protect Vick? Vick didn't seem to be as wreckless as in the past. He seemed to try to stay inside the pocket or roll out as the plays were designed, or am I wrong? If the running game works, why didn't we run more. I heard an interesting stat today: When McCoy gets 20 carries a game we haven't lost this year. 3)Is this true? We have had a shortage of sacks from the fantastic D Line we have. I remember only a few months ago there was a lot of hype about how good our D linemen are, and that we didn't have any idea how we'd fit them on the roster. Today I wonder where they are. I do realize that the wide9 defense puts a lot of preasure on the linebackers, hence it must trickle down to the DBs some as well. I do believe that Demeco Ryans is a perfect fit on the Defense and Kendricks is not far behind, but I remember using the linebackers more as blitzers in the past. Well, everyone else in the league still uses them as blitzers anyway. I know ive seen a couple of plays with LB Blitzes this year, but If you want to help the memory of JJohnson(RIP) to live on in Philly, You have to blitz a few times a game. We have 2 of the best man coverage CBs in the game who don't seem to do well in our zone coverages, and neither do our safties, Whom Im fond of as well. Maybe we should scrap the zone coverages, since all of our guys are better than that? There are a number of players on the defense(offense as well) that are absolutely priceless superstars that can make instant impacts respectively if used propperly, but we don't. It would be a sin to not utilize them while we have them on contract durring their prime. In the modern football era we will learn the importance of making the most of your time I think. I think it's due time that We demand the Offense to put it together or people will be let go. I hate to bring up names, but 1 stands out with bright red flags... Mornihnweg. He is our offense. I took some time to look up his past and learned some things. He face planted both the 49ers offense a few years back, and he also was the head coach of the 0-16 lions before he came here as playcalling offensive cordinator. Im looking at those stats and comparing it to our 6 game losing streak. terrifyingly similar. He is the only coach that I can think of that is familiar with this teritory left if the NFL at this point. Is this true? 4)whom else that is still coaching at this level has these types of win loss record as Mornihnweg? 5) If I wanted to write a letter to Jeffrey Lurrie how would I go about that?

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