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Roster Overhaul, Draft, Talent Evaluation

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Howie and Coach X are in charge ?

Are you really really really excited about that too ?

Dave, no slight to Howie but he had a hand in this mess too. Lurie says Howie starts as of the 2012 draft...ok fine

However, Howie lacks experience on an absolute and on a relative basis to the rest of the league and we don't know what experience or talent the new coach will have.

Can you detail the hierarchy and structure of the Scouting and Player Personnel departments ?

Rick Mueller- Do all the scouts report to him ? If not what does he do ?

Tom Donahue- "Senior Football Advisor" - What exactly does he do and who does he report to ?

Chargers just hired Ron Wolfe to help them look for a new GM and HC. Lurie has Howie and Don Smolenski doing this. No disrespect to our guys but I don't want to show up to the fight with a pea shooter.

Again, Howie may be the next great football guy but he lacks experience and this is time for the adult swim.

Can you tell us how established guys like Mueller and Donahue help in this process ? Thx

Clearly Lurie conveyed the importance of getting the right HC and building up the team but he didn't inspire confidence with his methodology.

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