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I understand there must be a fit on both side in order for a team to move to the next step in a hiring process. We know that Bryan Kelley was interviewed and chose to remain at ND. I get it, he's got a top recruiting school and will be good for years to come. That versus taking on a challenge of a mixed up team with talent, some of it overpaid, some of it undeveloped. I get it. Decision probably wasn't that hard for Kelley.

Is there any way you could give any insight to who turned the team down versus who didn't fit what the team was looking for? Some big names have came in and left without a deal in place. Now we are down to a defensive coordinator for a team that wasn't stellar, but shined at home. I know no one allowed more points than we did last year. I get the need for improvement. I just feel the need to fit the puzzle pieces on offense (especially in this league today) are more of a necessity.

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