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Dave, do you think this is true?

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I'd like to see the IP addresses to verify that those 8,000 to 10,000 are people and not spiders. Dave, log into the ACP and under the "System" tab click on "Logs" (assuming the EMB's version of Invision is the same as what I'm used to). Under "Logs" click on "Spider Logs".

How many "Logged Hits" are there? I have access to a small message boards ACP and it has fewer than 4,000 members. Google has indexed that site nearly 1.3 Million times in the last year. Yahoo, nearly 500,000 times.

Look at the "Online Users" list, open it so you can see the IP addresses. How many hits do you see? I know that Google has the range of IP addresses.

I pay attention to technical things and web stats, I'm just geeky like that, and when the Eagles signed Vick to a contract in 2009, we had around 5,000 people log onto the EMB. It was nearly the same when the Eagles signed Terrell Ownes.

So explain why, on December 17th, 2012, the EMB had more than 13,000 members and guests online. Look on the main page of the EMB, down at the bottom of the page. It tells us that the most ever online was on that day. 13,123 people online. Think back to December 17th.


What happened on December 17th, 2012 that would cause more people to be on the EMB than were here (combined) when the Eagles signed Owens in 2004 and Vick in 2009?

December 17th was a Monday... maybe it was a MNF game? Well, the Titans and Jets played that Monday Night. The Titans won.

I know... maybe that was the day we fired Washburn... that would be moderately big news. No, that was December 3rd.

So why would we have 13,123 people on the EMB on a Monday when the Eagles aren't playing, there is no draft, no playoff run to discuss, no big free agent or trade going down. No big name coach being hired or fired. No Star in the middle of a Dallas field being spat upon causing a media upraor... why then?

SPIDERS... they're EVERYWHERE! Run for the hills... or maybe just restrict the board to registered members only. There's no logical reason, that I can think of, to keep the EMB open to non-members and spiders.

If I'm incorrect and that's not the problem, then no harm is done. But if I'm correct and it is the spiders/guests, all that's happening is wasting a lot time and if Invision is charging you for "services" in terms of "troubleshooting" then money is being wasted too.

They never did answer whether or not we're on a shared, dedicated or virtual server though... I'm still curious about that.

Since you rarely go into topics where you've already posted.... maybe this will be addressed, finally.

Invision is playing you. They want more hits because then they can ask for more money from the NFL because of servicing the high volume of users. Check it, and then tell Invision to shove it up their arses.

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MSNbot wreaks havoc on my site. Even in areas that are restricted, it tries to get in and still puts a strain on the server. You are supposed to tell the spiders (bots) where they can and cannot go, but they usually do what they want.

Friggin bots.

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I've been keeping track for some of the past 24 hours.



4:00 PM: 162 members 585 Guests 19 Anon users

5:30 PM: 142 members 521 Guests 19 anon users

6:30 PM: 144 members 470 Guests 20 anon users

7:30 PM: 138 members 512 Guests 17 anon users

8:30 PM: 135 members 473 Guests 19 anon users

9:30 PM: 132 members 459 Guests 18 anon users

10:00 PM: 145 members 452 Guests 14 anon users

11:00 PM : 95 members 374 Guests 9 anon users


12:00 AM: 85 members 274 Guests 12 anon users

03:00 AM: 30 members 158 Guests 2 anon users

05:00 AM: 15 members 109 Guests 3 anon users

4:00 PM: 154 members 543 Guests 20 anon users

6:00 PM: 111 members 468 Guests 18 anon users


So rounding it off, around 175 members and 500 guests seems to be the norm on an average day. I'd still be willing to bet that the majority of those "guests" aren't actual people.

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