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[News] NFL Scouting Combine Invites 333 Players

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cause the like to have a group announcement. the eagles i read today have 23 million dollars they can use to exceed the salary cap. going up to 144 mill if they want. only the eagles and the jaguars can. idk why. but it is true. if need be the eagles have loot to do whatever they want. the eagles may be tempted to bring in free agents... nobody who gets super paid and is a risk like nnamdi, but if there are a guy or 2 out there. we can easily take them. most of our key contributers are already locked up except maclin. this is very good news.

now the eagles and browns are like best friends, the browns defense has been pretty good, they had a formula. that doesnt all go into billy davis, but u best believe with him i believe the linebacker core and front whole front 7 will get real least im hoping. the corner position needs to. with him as the makes this draft very interesting.

so all ppl hoping for joeckal...give me a break, that goes out the window. i now see that davis who is 3-4 savy will get what he wants in the draft for the transition. and i think kelly is going to snatch DA RICK ROGERS the wide receiver in the draft as his skill position choice. i think most other picks will be defensive.

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