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Defending Eagles Fans: 'The Silver Linings Playbook' Movie vs.

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I have to admit that Silver Linings was probably the more fair and honest interpretation of every type of Eagles fan.

Are we all like those racist d-bags? No, but we all know there are plenty out there.

I'm more like Deniro. Very superstitious. I have routines. I will never make hamburgers again on game day (2005, lesson learned). If we score, I remain standing or sitting, whichever position I was in when it happened. If I'm in the bathroom and we score, I won't come out. I just have some one jack up the volume.

I've kicked people out of my house. I've locked them in various rooms.

Yes, we win some, we lose some. I just make sure as tihs it's not my fault.

There is a large part of the base that are from the professional sect that turn it on and off like a switch. Very much like Dr. Patel.

While I'd rather the racist d-bag set not be a part of it. They are. Unfortunately, out of that entire movie and a wide spectrum of fans being presented..they are the ones everyone always hone in on.

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