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Pre Season Poll Results - From the Eagles Nest Portland

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Here are the results from our recent poll. If you will be in the Portland, Oregon area during this season, join us as we celebrate our 20th anniversary as an Eagles Fan group. Check out our website . Updates to the site will begin during the Labor Day weekend.

Who will be the starting QB at the start of the season?

Vick 80%

Foles 15

What Quarterback will "finish" the season?

Barkley 33.3 %

Foles 37.8

What record range will the Eagles have this season?

10 or more wins 51.1 %

8 and 8 season 42.2

How many offensive snaps (runs & passes) will the Eagles average this year?

71 or more 55.6 %

68-70 33.3

How many average rushing carries per game will Shady McCoy get?

20 carries 44.4 %

Over 20 carries 40.0

Who will be more important to the team?

McCoy 62.2 %

Djax 13.3

Vick 13.3

What area of the team will be the most improved?

Offense 48.9 %

Coaching 28.9

Where will the Eagles finish in NFC East?

Second Place 44.4 %

First Place 35.6

Should the Eagles be on Hard Knocks for the 2014 season?

No 75 %

Yes 25

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