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Aussie Eagle

Football Experience - Help Needed

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I'm a long time Eagles fan from Australia making my first trip to US. Work trip so can't get to Philly - arrive San Fran the day before we play the Skins and following week when I 'm free to go anywhere we have the bye.

2 things:

1. where to watch Skins game in San Fran with Eagles fans? Jake's Steaks was a recommendation on the boards.

2. the two weeks I'm there the only NFL West Coast game is Titans@Oakland. Thinking I'd rather go to Stanford@USC or Cal@Stanford the week after.

Any thoughts or other suggestions to get the most out of my football experience whilst in the US.

I'm an avid Eagles fan in Sydney - 3am rises each Monday mornings to watch NFL GamePass (used to be to listen to Merryill and Mike but now I can watch) and I want to make the most out of my trip.

Goal still to make it to the Linc one day.

Thanks in advance

Aussie Eagle

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