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New Old CT fan popping in

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Hello fellow eagles fans. I'm from CT which means I hardly get to watch any games unless I go down to the bar or stream online. Too many other teams in this area. Are there many or any CT fans here?

I started watching football again last year during our wonderful 4-12 season. Little background as to why I like the eagles. Well it all comes down to one player. I used to watch football years ago in the 90's. I had a favorite player by the name of Ricky Watters. Well as many know he was signed by the eagles after the 49ers. I was a kid and had no real tie to a team but I liked that player. So I started watching and routing for the Eagles. Then life happened, career changes, buying houses, having kids, getting divorced blah blah blah. So sports were the furthest from my mind. Yeah I know a true fan I am LOL.

I am not the biggest sports fanatic, I love the eagles and getting back into sports is great. So while I might not say all the right things and am ok with being flamed for it I just wanted to say hello. I'm happy to see a better season then last year and hope this season is a start of something. Even if it's not I'm not going away again.

On a side note football wasn't the only sport I started watching again after many years. I started watching baseball again too. As a kid my family were all yankee fans. So just to be a pain I routed for the redsox through out the 80' and 90's. My favorite player was Mo Vaughn. When I started watching baseball a couple of years ago the redsox were pretty much the worst team in baseball. Then the next year they won the world series.

So maybe it's me? Maybe it's when I start watching the teams I loved as a kid the next year they win it all? It's only wierd if it doesn't work right LOL.

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