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Please help a fellow Eagles fan, i need 2 tickets to game vs Dallas

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Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to read this, but i am in need of 2 tickets to the Dallas game in Dallas, November 8 (SNF game) i am not looking for a hand out but am willing to pay for the tickets via Paypal or however we can work it out (Paypal, money gram or western union) but we need to come to an agreement before transaction is done. We prefer no SRO tickets as we will not be able to see anything, you know how those are. we will be traveling from Missouri to Dallas, and just don't have a lot of spare cash to buy tickets on craigslist, plus being an eagles fan i don't want to get there and have the person refuse to sell them to me because i'm an Eagles fan (has happened before). any help would be great, all offers considered, please reply with section and row info on the ticket, plus how much you want for them! FLY EAGLES FLY!!! #BEAT DALLAS


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This topic is now closed to further replies.