Best parking to exit to Walt Whitman

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Heading to game Sunday vs Vikings. Live in NYC currently and wondering what's best lot or best spot other than a lot to park in for fastest route to Walt Whitman after game? Let's go Birds!!!

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Lot P and Lot Q are the quickest. The exit routes to the Walt Whitman are in blue:

Lot P: http://www.lincolnfinancialfield.com/lot-p/

Lot Q: http://www.lincolnfinancialfield.com/lot-q/

Q is a cash lot so unless they don't open it until the others are full, you should be able to head straight for that one. It's also part of the Citizen's Bank "no tailgating" lots which means you can't set-up tents and grills in other parking spots but can set-up some chairs by your trunk and chill. Not sure how much they enforce it, though. 

P allows tailgating, but I've never parked there and not sure if it's a cash lot or semi-reserved like M/N and the Wells Fargo lots where you can buy parking ahead of time as a season ticket holder. 

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