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I am a long time Eagles season ticket license holder and former communications engineer who sits in the South End zone (sec 111).
:facepalm:For some reason in the last two home games (Minn, Atl), the PA audio system has been “cranked up” beyond reasonable volume levels to an almost a deafening state.  This was a problem in the early years at the Linc, but was eventually adjusted to reasonable audio levels and has not been a problem in this decade.  Yet suddenly, the over amplification has returned to the point that it was so bad during the Minnesota game, the PA in the south end zone was frequently tripping automatic shutoffs (circuit breakers?) resulting in complete loss of the system (in that end zone) until the system was reset (but still at too high a level).  Numerous fans in my section, not to mention stadium staff have noticed the problem.  The PA was adjusted slightly for the Atlanta game (so as not to trip the shutoffs), but it was still way to loud.
To be clear (and in somewhat technical terms), I and referring to the overall amplification level of the final audio output to the Public Address speakers in this area of the stadium (not any individual component—voice, music, sound effects, etc.).  I would estimate that the gain is at least 10db higher than it has been in previous games and seasons. 
Can someone please pass this along to the PA audio engineer for Eagles games?  To reiterate, the level was fine prior to the Minnesota game and in recent past seasons.  Something has changed recently, and it is ruining the fan experience of these games.
Thank you very much.
Sec. 111, Row 35, Seats 17 & 18
(License holder since stadium opening in 2003)

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