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[News] Five Hidden Gems From Sunday's Win At Washington

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I missed the game - satellite was set to record, but FOX last minute decision to show game on network in San Diego of course shut me out. But these, and other, highlights show that, perhaps, the OL wasn't as bad as I first thought, and the passing game will be exciting. Now about those "screens"! Linebacker play looks more consistent too.

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I'd really love to see us build on some of the things we did well this past week but also raise the bar on designed run plays and designed long-ball completions. If we can get more in sync on those two things then I think we are extremely well rounded and capable of competing with the big dawgs.

What's encouraging to me, on those points, is that it comes down cohesion on the O line and getting everyone on the same page at the same time. That's fixable. I think the skills are there, i just don't think we're in sync yet.

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KC has an outstanding O line, and this is the match up the Eagles can STILL win, the D line is going to be ready to bring it. The question to me is will the pressure be enough that the CBs can keep everything in front of them? Would love to see some of the rookies pick it up a notch(Barnett, and Douglas especially)
I think the Eagles have a good chance at beating Reid and company, but it will need to be done in the trenches.
On the offensive side, I think the WRs will be able to stretch the field enough to keep KC from loading the box, and I think Wentz is getting better at picking up blitzes and getting rid of the ball.. should be a good game.
I don't like:
1) the Chiefs had 3 extra days to prepare, and rest.
2)2nd road game in a row
3)no Sturgis, or Darby
4)Alex Smith is still looking over his shoulder, and wants to keep his job, so has the proverbial fire lit under his @$$

I do Like:
1) Nelson Agholar not just catching, but scoring
2) The intense D line of the Eagles.
3)Wentz seems so much more at ease in this offense.
4) Dougie P is calling better plays(didn't blow it being too aggressive)


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I'm still not sold on the play calling.  I don't like sending a back across the formation on third and one.  If you believe in your line, run straight at them.  I also am not a fan of throwing the ball behind the line of scrimmage on third and nine.  It's one thing to run a screen to a back who fakes pass blocking before slipping out.  That might fool them for a sizable gain.  It's another to have a wide receiver retreat and then hope the other wideout can make a block.  That isn't fooling anyone.  Sure, the receiver might make the first guy miss for a big play, but that's less likely than just throwing a 15 yard route. 

The thing that really is bothering me with the play calling is that we don't seem to be setting up plays off of other plays.  The wideout screen for example.  I'd like to see a package with the wideout screen; a fake wideout screen where the "blocking" wideout fakes the block and takes off; and maybe a third one with the wideouts faking a screen and the tight end running a quick out behind the defenders.  I feel like the defenders can sellout on a lot of our plays because they know we don't do anything else off of it.  This offense has so much speed and potential that even half a tenth of a second of hesitation on the part of the defenders could be fatal.

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My thoughts on Sunday's game in D.C:

The positives--

1. Beating Washington!!!!--it may not have always been pretty, but the Eagles beat that dirty team that put such a brutal, cheap hit on Sproles last year. No, I haven't forgotten.

2. Mychal Kendricks--The fierce (legal) hit that Kendricks put on the Skins RB. That stopped him. Proof that trading Kendricks would have been a mistake.

3. Nelson Agholor--best game ever. The two drops were poor passes. All the hard work appears to be paying off. Agholor does look like a different player, and it's great that he's proving me wrong!!! Stay the course. Don't look back.

4. Our 'fearsome foursome' D-L, plus help--I can't wait to see how they handle lesser O-Ls around the league.

5. Zach Ertz played great. Mr. Dependable when we most needed him.

6. I get the feeling that Wentz & our WRs are just getting started. Jeffrey almost had that crucial jump catch--so close, and it looks like Torrey Smith can still burn anyone long.

7. The defensive coverage was for the most part consistently tight. You can't ask for much more. They also stopped the run well. Even so, you gotta realize that if Kirk Cousins had been passing more accurately, it would have been a tougher game...

8. I really liked seeing the Eagles use Blount as a receiver in the red zone!!!! There's no way an opposing D can cover Jeffrey, Agholor, Ertz, Sproles in the red zone.... and Blount at the same time, on the same play. One of them is going to get open. And if it's Blount, how in the heck are you going to prevent him from getting into the end zone if he catches the ball on the 2 or 3 yard line? You're not. No way.

The negatives:

1. Darby's injury. I hope it's not a serious injury and that he recovers fast. Darby is the real thing. I'm proud to call him an Eagle.

2. The offensive play calling still isn't quite up to snuff. It's definitely better (& expanding), and it's great to see Wentz at last throwing the ball long & opening up the field--like Favre, but those screen passes to Agholor clearly weren't working (not last year either), so why do they keep calling them over & over again? They're just wasted downs. I also thought the O-L was opening up some good lanes to run through in the first quarter, but it wasn't taken advantage of.

3. The Eagles don't seem to have a running back that runs really well to the outside. That makes their running game easier to defend against. I'm afraid Smallwood didn't impress. All the Eagles had working in their running game yesterday was Blount going up the middle. The Eagles will have to get better at running to the outside, if they hope to beat the top teams (and part of that will depend on better play calling & execution of the running game).

4. The O-L isn't protecting Wentz well enough. It has got to get better. Yes, he scrambles incredibly well for a big guy, great athlete, but his passes are too often hurried. No great offense can be built on a consistently scrambling QB. Eventually, he's going to get hit. Also, it looks like the O-L is still vulnerable to blitzes.


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We need to establish a good running game between the tackles before the outside run is successful.  Defenses have to respect the inside run.  It's then that you catch them from time to time with an outside run that is hard or impossible to cover from inside the box defending against the run between the tackles.  Presently I don't respect our inside running game enough yet but it's not to say it won't develop.  Just don't keep running outside when you can't establish your inside running game.  Let's for once keep a back in there for a series.  I know it's been said that it depends on the D alignment, bull,  establish your running game properly and you don't need to worry about defensive alignments.  Opposing Ds will align to try to stop you rather than which RB we need to run against a particular D alignment.  Where is the "smash mouth" of yesteryear?  Maybe not so much smash mouth but the ability open holes and RBs running through them more times than not.  Not only opens up your passing game big time but you're prepared to run the clock when need be.

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