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Week 5 Open Discussion.

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Week 5 will see Miami play their home opener this late due to Hurricane Irma back in week 1. Miami has had to travel to San Deigo, to the Jets, then to London. They finally get to play in South Florida.

The winless Chargers travel to play the winless Giants. One of them may get a win this weekend.

The Hawks travel to play the Rams. The Rams have presented a great challenge for the Hawks in recent years, including a sweep a few years back. Are the Rams for real?

The game of the day is a rematch of the NFC Divisional round playoff game between the Packers and Cowboys. Hopefully we get the same result.


Talk about the games you'll be watching.

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If I'm 49ers, if they get TD, I'd go for win with 2 point conversion.

Just now, pisceschica said:

Damn chargers :thumbsdown:

Don't be negative. If Giants pick up a few wins, they wouldn't get elite talent in first round of draft.

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