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Don Corleone


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4 hours ago, toolg said:

Even though Cunningham was the better athlete, McNabb was the better QB. There I said it.

I think they were pretty even in terms of being a QB. Both had handicaps that kind of held them back. Randall's was that he had 6 years with a coach that didn't care about his development, he just wanted a few big plays from him and then the defense would win the game. McNabb's was his WR's. But at the same time, McNabb had an advantage for the bulk of his career that Randall didn't have, and that's the difference in rules that made the passing game 'easier'.

Randall: 135 Starts

2429/4289 56.6% 29,979 YDS 207 TDs 134 INTs 81.5 Passer Rating

7 YDS per pass .05 TDs per Pass .03 INTs per pass

McNabb: 161 Starts

3170/5374 59.0% 37,276 234 TDs 117 INTs 85.6 Passer Rating

6.9 YDS per pass .04 TDs per pass .02 INTs per pass

If you average Randall's passing yards out per pass, then multiply that by McNabb's total passes, Randall's average would give him 37,562 total yards.

I don't consider running to be a "QB stat", but you obviously can't talk about Randall's career without talking about that aspect and if Randall ever gets in, his rushing will play a part in it. Randall had 4,928 Yards rushing, McNabb had 3,459.

So, stat wise, they were pretty even.

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15 hours ago, Thunderfarts said:

Dude, be a homer!  Gonzalez had better stats, but what did he ever do in the post season?  Bavaro won two rings for the Giants!

I'd pick Novacek over both of them though.  I can't tell you how many times time I saw Emmitt stopped on first down and Irvin shut down on second only to see Aikman find Novacek wide open to convert on 3rd and long - especially late in close games.  3 rings.  The Cowboys fell apart after he got hurt and haven't recovered.

Sorry. Can't be. Tony Gonzalez was on a different level. Best receiving tight end of all time. 

Next Cowboy tight end to go to Canton will be Jason Witten

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