Week 13 Open Discussion.

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13 hours ago, ShakeThatMonkey said:

Nobody called him a bad coach, but an overrated one. However the Green Bay front office is just as much to blame too.

I can see that when you have a QB like he's had. little babies need a crap coach for about a decade.:lol:

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9 hours ago, BKLYNYG said:

Shut the hell up. The kid goes across the middle and takes shots from safeties and LBers every game. You think he's scared to fall on an onside kick? Wake up. 

He made a mistake/bad play. Don't overreact because you don't like the player. 

Aw, someone's god sad feelings.

I guess Deion Sanders, Shannon Sharpe, and LaDanian Tmlinson don't like him either because they all agreed that it was a BUSINESS DECISION

Kornheiser joked that he absolutely questions his heart after that pathetic move and OBJ telling people that they can't question his heart.

But yeah, its a conspiracy of mean Eagles fans who are trying to keep him down.

DC, Dallas, and Philly fans were all thrilled when NY gave him that money. He's a talented loser at 20 million a pop.

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Damn...eagles are gonna beat Washington and local sports radio is goi g to unlistenable this week talking about how the Eagles are going to run the table 

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