Cardinals Hire Kliff Kingsbury (Former College Coach for Mahomes)

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4 hours ago, dawkins4prez said:

Uhhh, no.  This isn't William & Mary brah, it's a top ~40 program.  They had 16/17 winning seasons before he arrived.  Also Big 12 is hardly full of world beaters.

Spyke Dykes had 2 seasons with less than 3 conference losses in 13 seasons.

  • Dykes had them ranked in the top 25 twice in 13 seasons

Leach had 2 seasons in 10 with less than 3 conference losses.

  • Leach had a great 6 year run where they were the bottom part of the top 25 with 1 year where they finished 12th.
    • Oklahoma and Texas were still ahead of them

Tuberville was 9-17 in conference in 3 seasons.

  • Who cares if he beat William and Mary on the way to 6-5?


High Draft Picks (rounds 1-3) from Texas Tech in the 2000's

  • 1 - 10th - 2017 - Patrick Mahomes
  • 1 - 10th - 2009 - Michael Crabtree
  • 2 - 48th - 2009 - Darcel McBath
  • 2 - 49th - 2014  - Jace Amaro
  • 3 - 78th - 2009 - Louis Vasquez
  • 3 - 82nd - 2018 - Le'Raven Clark

Do you need me to show you the results from Oklahoma, OK State, Texas, and West Virginia?

I'll just summarize round 1:

  • Texas has 16 number 1 picks
  • Oklahoma has 14 number 1 picks
  • Oklahoma State has 8 number 1 picks
  • West Virginia has 6 number 1 picks

You can even throw in Baylor at 22-5 in conference for Kingsbury's 1st 3 seasons until Briles got canned. 

  • Baylor has 6 number 1 picks

All of those teams have as many or more 1st round picks as Texas Tech has 1st through 3rd round picks.

It will get much uglier if we look at rounds 2 and 3 as well.


This does not mean Kingsbury is a great coach. It does mean that what you need to do to recruit and win at Texas Tech has NOTHING to do with the NFL.

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