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Reasons to be hopeful and reasons to be doubtful (division)

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Let's hear all the reasons each team should be hopeful and doubtful about the upcoming season. Should be interesting to see the stuff (positive and negative) fans of each team think about their rivals.


Cowboys reasons to be hopeful:

Defense played way better than a lot expected last season

They have a possible elite player at WR (Cooper) and RB (Zeke)

Dak is probably playing to get paid. A lot of times you get career years out of players in that position.

Cowboys reason to doubt:

Suspensions and unexpectant retirement cost the D line a lot of talent.

TE still weak even with Witten back.

Head coach is awful IMO

Eagles reasons to be hopeful:

Skill positions vastly upgraded with DeSean and Howard

D tackles could be game plan wreckers

Wentz looks like he will be healthy to start camp

Eagles reasons to doubt:

Age and durability. A lot of the Eagles key players are on the older side(such as Peters, Jackson or Jenkins) or seem to get injured a lot (like Wentz and Jeffery).

Secondary needs to to show they can slow down big plays

Linebackers not nearly as strong or deep as the superbowl year

Redskins reasons to be hopeful:

Had a good draft last season and young talent is always a plus

Peterson is still a good RB and Guice should be ready for camp

The last time Keenum had no expectations he played well

Redskins reasons to doubt:

Not a lot of playmakers on either side of the ball

QB situation could be really bad

Depth is not great(being kind) at a lot of positions

Giants reasons to be hopeful:

Barkley. Enough said

O line should be inproved

They have a lot of ammo for the draft

Giants reasons to doubt:

Overall talent. They lost a lot of playmakers on O and D

Eli keeps getting older, keeps looking slower and it seems to me his ability to drive the ball decreases a bit every year

Defense looks really meh on paper. Where do the sacks and turnovers come from?


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