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Hello fellow Eagles fans!!!  

My name is D. Arthur Turner IV. I am originally from Lancaster, PA but live on the West Coast. I am also a documentary filmmaker. I traveled around with the Eagles to EVERY AWAY GAME in the 2018 season as we defended our Super Bowl 52 title. The Eagles fanbase is HANDS DOWN the best traveling fanbase in all of American Sports and I wanted to capture that passion via film for my next movie. I interviewed many fans at tailgates, getting their perspective. My ultimate goal is to submit my documentary to Sundance Film Festival in September 2019. 

I wanted to discuss my experience in Los Angeles for week 14 of the 2018 Eagles season. Hopefully this experience will assist you next time we play the Rams, Chargers or if you're ever in the city for vacation. I have a few points I want to touch on about what to do in the city and how to handle Rams fans when it comes to Game day. I lived in North Los Angeles for about 6 months. 

1. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION IS NO GOOD. Sure, the city of LA does have a public transportation system but if you need to be anywhere fast at a certain time, do not bother using it. Los Angeles is the 2nd biggest city in America, with many different areas and neighborhoods within it but unfortunately the best way to get around is a car. Be prepared to use a rental car or stash lots of money for Uber/Lyft. Traffic will be something you'll have to deal with so plan on leaving for places 20-30 minutes earlier than normal. 

2. As previously mentioned, LA is large with many different regional personalities. So my recommendation is to do research on what you personally like to do and find the right part of LA for you. The LA Coliseum is Downtown, but the touristy things in downtown are limited. The new LA Rams/Chargers stadium will be built near LAX Airport, which is in the Inglewood area, not a lot of attractions around there besides the new stadium being built. So if your only in LA for a few days but want to explore Hollywood, I would suggest staying in Hollywood. If you want to go to the beaches, I would suggest to stay in a beach town. You will have to uber or drive to the game regardless. 

3. Downtown, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Chinatown, Korea Town, Malibu, Santa Monica, Long Beach, and Venice are all popular places to hangout while visiting in LA. 

4. Food wise, the city is very diverse and provides lots of great options. If you want Asian cuisine, Korea Town for KBBQ or Chinatown are wonderful options.  Los Angeles has pretty good Mexican food restaurants scattered throughout the city. Local burger joints are popular as well. Do a little research and you will find a restaurant that will fit your needs. I personally recommend Roscoe's Fried Chicken and Waffles if you're looking for something that is famous in LA food wise. 

5. When it comes to Southern California and Pro sports teams, if you are not the LA Lakers, its hard for the residents to support other teams even if they are winning. Fair weather fans are a common thing because there is just so much to do on a sunny Sunday in Southern California. Like in the year past where the Eagles played the Chargers at Stub Hub Center, it felt as if you were back in Philadelphia for a home game. Same experience for the Rams (who were arguably the best team in the NFC this year). 

6. When tailgating at the LA Coliseum, it almost mirrors the LA traffic. Everyone is close together and bumper to bumper. I would consider this a "good-form" of crowded because your tailgate spot is shoulder to shoulder with another group's tailgate. It makes for good conversation between parties. It is also fun because when the Eagles play in LA, we TAKEOVER the stadium. Fly Eagles Fly chants will ring the whole tailgate and game without any real retaliation from the Rams fans. Rams Fans are very laid back and do not show as much passion as the Eagles fans do. Be respectful, but realize that you will feel like you are in Philadelphia on the west coast.

7. When it comes to stadium experience at the LA Coliseum,  I rank it very low. Besides the fact that the Eagles fans are in full force, the stadium does not provide much, outside of the game. A very old and out-dated college stadium. I am excited to experience the new stadium they are building though, that facility will be more entertainment friendly that should mirror the city's personality much more. I believe it opens in 2020. 

8. Overall, Los Angeles is a great place to visit for a regular vacation or an Eagles Away(home) game. There is a lot to do for any interests you may have and it is amazing to see Eagles fans take over the city. But be prepared to spend lots of money on transportation and sit in traffic. 

If you're interested in the Los Angeles tailgate interviews I filmed. Head over to my Production Company's Youtube Channel, D.A.T.A Productions, to see all my different fan interviews from the 2018 Season. Here is the link for my video. SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL as well. GO BIRDS!!!!! 

Week 14 @ Los Angeles Rams Interviews: 


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