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Trading out of a Top 3 Pick

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18 hours ago, jsdarkstar said:

I'd take Barkley. 


probably 6-10 this year

4-5 and 10 ish the following year(Daniel jones first year)

Barkley needs to get paid and will F the salary cap up the following year. 


I said before... Barkley wont win a playoff game. 

Give the giants 6, 34, 37, 49(2018) and 6, 34, 37(before the trade) in 2019 over barkley every day of the week. 

Mind you Gettleman would probably F it up but the giants were in... our in a rebuild, meaning they need spots every where. They wernt in a "last piece" and we become a superbowl team position. 

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