Hi All, For many, many years i've been an avid Eagles fan, following them from where-ever i've been living at the time - whether that's the UK, Japan, Germany, or now France.
Now though the end of my wait to see them play is getting closer, as finally i'll be at the Linc for the season opener for the game against Washington.
Not only will it be my first Eagles game (couldn't get tickets in London last season) but my first regular season NFL game too. And i can't wait :) Does anyone have any advice for a non-US game day noob, especially about some of the points below? The Game is at 1pm - lunch time. I've read that eating/drinking at the Linc isn't often a great plan, so what are the better ways to make sure you don't get hungry/thirsty? Tailgating. We really want to experience it, but how does it work if we know no-one in town? I've been offered tickets to a commercial tailgate, but i'm not sure if its going to be a good thing or not. We'll be on the shady side. Early afternoon in September - not going to be too chilly is it? Or will we be in sun for the early part of the afternoon? Is it worth taking a camera (dslr)? Or from a security/safety point of view will it cause more problems than it's worth (just leave it in the hotel)? The clear bag policy seems...clear. Any other tips of what to/not bring not already included on the website? Apart from skipping food inside the Linc, not standing up and getting a clear bag what else should we avoid doing? Or what must we do? Cheers, Mal