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Hello folks- I’m travelling over from Belfast,Ireland for the game against the Jets this October - Just from looking at tickets on Stubhub I see some mention the "Panasonic Lounge”.

I have searched online but I can’t see any info on what this is or what it provides? 


Anybody any info they could give me ? It would be greatly appreciated 😂


Thanks in advance




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More info from this guide (also, the sponsor name has changed from Panasonic to Hyundai):

Club Level (Sections C1-C40): Located mostly around the middle of the stadium, on both sidelines, these seats are wider and offer more legroom than regular seats. You also have access to the indoor lounge (Tork Club on the visitor’s side, Hyundai Club on the home side) where it’s climate controlled, casual seating, flat-screen TVs, and premium food options not available at the lower or upper level concessions. There’s also usually one or two Eagles alumni that do autograph signings before the game, in each club lounge.

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