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So I started collecting ticket stubs since I was a kid of sporting events I’ve attended.  In recent years, it’s been harder given the virtual tickets.  Anyone know of a way to acquire recent stubs from games from the past several seasons?  Also, I’m going to Week 1 this year but only have a virtual ticket, do they sell souvenir stubs at the stadium?


thanks in advance. 

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2 hours ago, RUEagle said:

 do they sell souvenir stubs at the stadium?

They don't sell stubs, but sometimes they will have a table/booth in the Headhouse Plaza outside of the stadium offering free commemorative tickets, where they take your picture in front of a background or green screen and then put it on the commemorative ticket and print it out for you. 

You can also go to the ticket office anytime before the game (even weeks in advance) and ask to have your virtual ticket printed out. This is an option they have to offer, in case someone does not have access to a mobile device. The ticket you get is a generic one (no pictures or logos) with a bar code and the event details, like a regular Ticketmaster concert ticket.  

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