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My wife and I are driving from Jupiter, FL to Green Bay for the game on the 26th.  We are stopping in Bowling Green, KY this Sunday to watch the Eagles/Lions game.  Does anyone know if there is an Eagles bar in the area, or a good sports bar with the NFL ticket?  Thanks for any assistance.  FLY EAGLES FLY!


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643 Sports Bar is a decent sports bar in Bowling Green. Its actually part of a complex adjacent to the minor league baseball stadium in town.

Haven't seen an NFL game there but was there for Game 6 of the Bucks-Raptors ECF. Of course you can also try BWW. I haven't been to the BG location so can't comment on it.

There isn't an Eagles themed sports bar in the city (to my knowledge), considering that NFL fans in KY will largely follow the Titans (especially Western KY since BG is only an hour from Nashville), Bengals, Browns, or Steelers.

I did meet a few Eagles fans during my time in KY, but no specific dedicated sports bars. Enjoy your time in Bowling Green. If you're into cars, the National Corvette Museum and Corvette factory is also in BG.

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