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Eagles vs. Seahawks 11/24 8:20 Game Help

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Hello all! My girlfriend and I are attending the November 24th Sunday night game and need everyone's advice. I've read a few posts and the Ultimate Guide to attending an Eagles game, but I'm trying to get some opinions on our specific situation. Thank you in advance!

We are flying into Philly Sunday morning and will be off the plane and ready to roll by 1:00 p.m. We don't want to get a rental car and would like to travel public transportation. We will get a hotel and then go from there. Any suggestions? Where to stay? When to get to the game and what to do before the game? Best way to get back to the hotel after the game?  We fly back home on Monday at 8:00 p.m. so we have a couple hours to spare in Philly. 

We just want to make sure we have a plan in place before going. Thanks again for any advice!! 


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The first order of business to reserve a hotel room, preferably in Center City, ASAP.  (I assume you have a hotel budget; if you don't then making your reservation immediately isn't as critical.)  Regarding your specific questions:

*Reserve a hotel room in Center City.  I would shoot for a place south of Market Street and north of South Street.  If you can't get a hotel in Center City in your budget, get a hotel near the Eastwick SEPTA regional rail station.  (There are some hotels within walking distance of that station, as well as a Wawa.)  Staying in University City (just west of Center City; it is where Penn and Drexel are located) is also an option.

*Use the SEPTA Airport Line (regional rail) to travel between the airport and Center City.

*Use the SEPTA Broad Street Line (subway/heavy rail) to travel between Center City and the south Philadelphia stadium complex both before and after the game.

*Based on the security line and ticket entry issues the Eagles have had this year (had long lines at both games I've attended so far this year in the former case, and long lines at the Lions game in the latter case, though the ticket scanning was much better for the Jets game), I recommend getting to the stadium 1+ hour before the game so you get in before most people get there.

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