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Letting Starters Play

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I do not believe that teams should run up the score.  This makes for hard feelings on the losing team and provides additional incentive against us the next round.  Around the league, said teams we will get a bad reputation.   But Dave, there is a difference  between running up the score  and giving reserves some playing time.  Let's give Josh McGowan a chance to move the ball next time.  Never can tell when the Eagles will need him.


Dave, I have allot of nerve asking you this.  During the blog days, we had chances to inform or ask other some questions.  My first concern is my own benefit.  It is pointless to say otherwise and it's only human nature to look after number one.  Even so, I love the  Eagles and I have made some good observations on Philadelphia in general.  I don't mean the obvious tourist style information.  Where I have mentioned  these, I have carried it one step deeper to what it means to me.  My article, Bells Across the City, was one such observation. I am sure you will get more readership and interest. And it would also help your archives.  Remember, I am 72 and 65 of these was a fan of the Eagles and Pro Football.  I don't really have interest in any other sport, to include College Football.  And I will really appreciate anything you can do.


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