Minnesota pep rally Saturday

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Sorry, I can't make it - I'll be attending the Penguins/Wild NHL game in St. Paul.

Whenever I go to an Eagles road game or for that matter on a leisure or work-related trip that requires a flight/overnight stay, I'm always looking for other sports events to attend in "new" venues, even if I don't care about either team playing in the game.  Attending a Minnesota Wild game, their home opener to boot, fits that description.  I would have attended the Nebraska/Minnesota college football game too if it didn't overlap with the Penguins/Wild game (which still irritates me, though if they hadn't overlapped time-wise I would have froze my butt off - in mid-October - at the Nebraska/Minnesota game), and I also would have tried to attend the Rays/Twins ALCS Game 2 on Sunday night had the Twins and Rays both advanced to the ALCS (the only way the Twins could have hosted ALCS games this weekend).

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