Week 6 Open Discussion.

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21 hours ago, gameshowfan91 said:

Dak has a contract that expires after this year and will want top QB money. Then they would have less money to spread somewhere. Do you really think that a new head coach can fix Dak with less cap money?

Look at Buccaneers. They thought B. Arians was able to fix J. Winston, but he still sucks. 

I'm not too sure if Garrett is one to blame. I have to blame Dak here. He hasn't been too good, especially without Elliot. Romo did fine with Garrett. Garrett isn't one throwing INTs and incomplete passes.

I feel like you should say Garrett did fine with Romo. I feel like Romo bailed him out a lot. Team always looks uninspired and they start slow. I thought Dak did okay without his 2 tackles and Cooper.

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