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Mr Optimistic

Did anyone see the refs "rob" the Bucs against the Titans yesterday?

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I didn't watch this game at all because who cares about the Titans or Buccaneers. But I did catch the redzone update of what happened.

The Titans attempted a fake field goal (for whatever reason) with 3:40 left in the 4th when they were up 27-23. The kicker fumbles and the ball is immediately picked up and ran in home free for the defensive touchdown to take the lead. Exciting play! However, the a-hole officials blew the play dead at the spot of the fumble. This literally already happened earlier this year in the Saints/Rams game and played a big part in the outcome of the game.

I hate the refs, even when they screw over teams I couldn't care less about. Just wanted to bring this to light if anyone missed it yesterday.

I'm useless and I don't know how to link tweets so here is a link to the USA today article with video of what happened.

I understand the Bucs probably still would have lost but I just want to expose the officiating of the NFL because they are ruining a great sport.

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1 hour ago, zenclaybourne said:

That's close enough that I don't think anyone would be complaining if it weren't for the HD cameras and slow-mo replays.

Lol, that punter got absolutely destroyed. The thing is, these refs should know to swallow their whistles at this point because of previous incidents that have already happened.

If its a turnover or a touchdown the play will always be reviewed! 

This rule should be a foundational rule these guys have seared into their brains but they still blow plays dead and change the outcome of games.  

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