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A few issues that should be addressed:

1. There are so few port a potties that people have to bring there own? So you end up parking next to people that have a huge bucket full of pee !?!?

2. Can we get more trash cans--there is trash everywhere when you try to leave the parking lot.

3. For years and years, there used to be multiple exits. Now there is only one exit to the W-F lost and it takes close to an hour to exit the parking lot. 

I am not a complainer-but the game day experience in the parking lot-SUCKS!

How can this be improved?

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1 hour ago, dcolatriano said:

No hate guys. I've been parking in that lot forever

Just think they should give us more porta potties and more trash cans so we can throw out our trash.

i kidding around about the hate. i mean we wouldn't use a pee bucket if there were more porta potties. we always have our trash in bags, but we are against the fence so our stuff doesn't get knocked around. some people just let stuff lay on the ground.


no doubt though that the new traffic pattern getting out of there is asinine.

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